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Legislation to watch in 2006

HB342 - Sponsored by Representatives Carns, Albritton, DeMarco, Payne, Humphryes, Allen, McClurkin, Beason and Galliher

About the legislation

Bill Synopsis: "This bill proposes an amendment to deletethose remaining "Jim Crow"* provisions of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, which have not been expressly repealed by vote of the people.
     The proposed amendment would expressly state that nothing in the amendment would be construed to impliedly repeal or amend any local or general law
or impliedly repeal or amend any provision of this constitution not specifically amended or repealed by the amendment."

*  "Poll taxes and separation of schools by race, constitutional provisions re deleted..."

LWVAL's Position

A principle of the League of Women Voters states,

"The League of Women Voters believes that every citizen should be protected in the right to vote; that every person should have access to free public education which provides equal opportunity for all; and that no person or group should suffer legal, economic or administrative discrimination."

The LWVAL position on Education states (in part),

"The League of Women Voters of Alabama supports maintaining and improving a system of free public schools in Alabama based on the belief that a free public education which provides equal opportunity for all its citizens is an investment in the future.... "

Progress of the Legislation


HB342 was referred to the House Committee on Constitution and Elections (House C & E) on 1/12/06. The committee did not vote on the bill.

LWVAL Action

LWVAL did not taken action on HB342.


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